We have a full service bike shop run by experienced mechanics. Our head mechanic has over 20 years of experience. Whatever your need, we will strive to meet it in a friendly and timely manner. Our prices are competitive with shops around the country and service is exceptional! Check out our menu of bike services.



Basic Tune-Up $60.00

Brake Adjustments
Shifter and derailleur Adjustments
Full lubrication Service (Chain, Cables, Derailleurs & Brakes)
Drivetrain Inspection
Spot true wheels
Security Check on All Accessories

*Parts Installation Additional

Deluxe Tune-Up $90.00

Includes All Basic Tune-Up Services Plus:
Precision Wheel Truing and Hub Adjustments
Bottom Bracket Adjustment
Headset Adjustment
Bike Wipe Down
*Parts Installation Additional

Pro Tune-Up $110.00

Includes All Deluxe Tune-Up Services Plus:
Removal of Chain, Cranks & Cassette for Solvent Cleaning
Detail Cleaning of Derailleurs
(Free Any 1 Drivetrain Component Installed)

Misc. Repairs

Frame Repairs

Face Headtube $18.00
Face and Chase BB Threads $18.00
Re-Align Derailleur Hanger $15.00

Misc. Repairs/Builds

Pro Build (from parts) $150.00
Build New Bike From Box $70.00
Box Bike for Shipping $50.00
Computer Install $15.00

Repairs: Brakes - Wheels

Brake Repairs

Brake Adjustment $15.00
Brake Cable Install $12.00
Rim Brake Install (each) $14.00
Disk Brake Install (each) $20.00
Disk Brake Bleed $30.00
Rotor Install $5.00
Brake Lever Install $20.00

Drivetrain Repairs

Tune and Clean Drivetrain $55.00
Chain Install $8.00
Cassette/Freewheel Install $8.00
Bottom Bracket Adjustment $15.00
Bottom Bracket Install $15.00
Bottom Bracket Overhaul $25.00
Chainring Install (each) $10.00

Fork, Headset and Bar Repairs

Headset Adjust $14.00
Headset Overhaul $25.00
Headset Install $15.00
Fork Install $25.00
Suspension Fork Overhaul $60.00
Mountain Bar Install $14.00
Road Bar Install $25.00
Grip Install $5.00
Handlebar Wrap $15.00
Stem Install $12.00

Shifter & Derailleur Repairs

Rear Derailleur Adjustment $12.00
Front Derailleur Adjustment $14.00
Rear Derailleur Install $14.00
Front Derailleur Install $14.00
Shifter Cable Install (each) $15.00
Mountain Shifter Install (pair) $40.00
Road Shifter/levers Install (pair) $30.00

Wheel Repairs

Tire/Tube install off the bike $12.00
Tire/Tube install on the bike $15.00
Tubular Tire Install $25.00
Wheel True $15.00
Spoke Install $20.00
Custom Wheel Build $45.00
Hub Adjust $12.00
Front Hub Overhaul $15.00
Rear Hub Overhaul $25.00